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Why Club 801?

About our Club!

At Club 801 we stay accountable to the best systems using a growth mindset in order to build our club to be the best for the community. Our positive and passionate coaches look to serve the volleyball community by continually creating a healthy environment where athletes can attain their full potential and compete at their highest level. Most importantly, we’re here to have FUN!

2022-2023 Leadership respoonsibilities


Mindy Wilder - Managing Director

Mindy Wilder - Managing Director, senior leadership team, , Cub 801

Responsibilities include leading the club, managing coaches, and leading the club in a direction best for our players and consumers

Mindy is a top performer with one of the top high school programs in the state.  We are fortunate and lucky to have her!


Marissa Parett - Director of Ops

Marissa  (Roo)Parett 

Responsibilities include managing day to day operations, coaching management, and club communications.

As a former Director for BYU Volleyball, she has both the experience and resources to run a premier volleyball club.

Mike Daniel Photo headshot.jpg

Senior Leadership / Owner

Senior Leadership.  Coaches training and instruction.  Maintaining the people, culture and product  are of the highest calibre.

As a former pro coach for both Men's and Womens, a former Pro Beach Player, collegiate player, and a 4x colege coach, Mike gets what is necessary for players to achieve their potential through the club system. Current Snow College Coach

Why choose Club 801?

  •  Team sizes are based on whats best for the Team first, not for the budget (sizes average 9-10 players per team vs 11 to 12 for most clubs in Utah

  • Our coaches are great humans first.  

  • Volleyball is temporary - Life isn't

  • Who you are as a volleyball player doesn't define you, who you are defines who you are

  • We like to have fun

  • Achieving your potential is important

  • We don't do drama

  • Product>profits

  • You like good people surrounding your athlete

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