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2021 Crossroads Update

 15 Open 16s-17s: May 7-9, 2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center
11s-14s, 15American, 15 USA: May 14-16,2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center

Please review the 2021 Crossroads COVID procedures for the tournament coming up on May 7-9 & May 14-16, 2021. Please be familiar with all policies and procedures before arriving in Denver.

*UPDATE APRIL 13, 2021*



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All updated tournament information is available on our website. Click the button below to stay up to date.

Event Updates: May 7-9 & May 14-16, 2021

NOTICE: hosting Crossroads is subject to all COVID rules and regulations in effect at the scheduled time and location of the tournament, which may include having to change dates and sites or cancel the event.


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2021 Crossroads Current COVID Procedures and Requirements


NOTE:  Crossroads must follow the most recent State, local and building COVID safety requirements that apply to the type of event we are holding. Such requirements may change frequently and we cannot predict with certainty what requirements may be in place at the time Crossroads takes place. We urge you to stay informed about the requirements when making your plans to attend Crossroads and be prepared to follow all requirements while at the tournament; information we have is updated regularly on our website at, in our newsletter and on our social media pages. Any of the information included about COVID safety requirements at the tournament may be changed without notice up to and including canceling the event. Masks are required for all people inside the building whether playing and not playing. There are a limited number of attendees permitted in the building.  

Implementing safety procedures and protocols does not guarantee any attendee is protected from possible exposure to COVID-19 while attending this event. Those persons attending assume all the risks of such exposure. Nevertheless, it is imperative that everyone complies with all the prescribed protocols to minimize exposure – and we will insist that all attendees do so. Please remember we are a Private Event; attendance is a privilege that we can revoke at any time.

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 safety recommendations as we progress toward the event dates. Please visit our website to get more up to date information and available resources.

Pre-Event COVID Testing (UPDATED April 12)

All team members (adults and players) and Guests must provide printed proof of negative pre-event test for COVID (PCR or Rapid)

  • Pre-event test must be taken not earlier than Sunday before start of tournament (May 2 for the May 7-9 tournament and May 9 for the May 14-16 tournament)

  • A  Guest’s result must be printed and presented when obtaining Entry Credential – details for players and teams to be emailed to coach

    • No tests administered by Crossroads 

  • Pre-event test may be waived for anyone completely vaccinated at least 10 days prior to start of tournament (April 27 for May 7-9 tournament; May 4 for May 14-17 tournament).

    • Does not apply to single shot of two shot regime

    • Must present proof

    • Does not apply to anti-body test

  • Pre-event test may be waived for person diagnosed with COVID within 90 days prior to the start of the tournament (Feb 6 for the May 7-9 tournament;  Feb 13 for the May 14-16 tournament)

    • Must present proof of diagnosis date

Below are details about a testing company we partnered with that will do pre-event testing at no cost to you.

  • You must make arrangements with the company not later than April 23 to use their services

    • Only team coach or club director may schedule testing – no individual players or Guests can schedule

  • You may use any testing services you choose; using this company is not mandatory. If you want to use GreenMCMeds, please review the test company material carefully.

Roster Composition for each team

Maximum of 12 athletes – non-negotiable 
Maximum of 2 rostered adults – non-negotiable 

  • Each adult must each have certification to sit on the bench. 

    • USAV membership, Safe Sport training, Impact certified, and background checked.

Guests (UPDATED April 12)

Each team may have up to 1 Guest per athlete  

  • Guests must be 16 years old or older

Each Guest must register online only at Guest Registration in TM2Sign

  • Guest Registration will open closer to the tournament – watch our Daily Updates for more information as it becomes available

  • Guest must obtain a link to register from team coach or club director

    • Each link allows one person to register in TM2Sign

    • Each link is attached to the specific team that issued it – it is not valid for other teams, even in the same club

    • Cost is $45 for a one weekend Entry Credential

      • No single day Entry Credentials available

      • Cannot transfer Guest Entry Credential to another person after it is scanned for the first time

Each Guest must have a negative test for COVID within 5 days prior to arrival – PCR or Rapid

  • Waive test if completely vaccinated or diagnosed with COVID within 90 days of start of tournament

    • Must have proof of either vaccination or diagnosed test

Each Guest must redeem a QR code from the Guest Registration program  to obtain an Entry Credential

  • The code is sent to an individual Guest via email

  • The desk for redeeming QR codes is located in Lobby B of the Convention Center 

  • Each Guest may redeem the QR code to obtain an Entry Credential only on Thurs (2 PM – 7 PM) or Fri (6:45 AM – 5 PM) of the appropriate weekend (no Entry Credentials for May 14-16 weekend issued before May 13)

    • Each Guest must redeem the QR code in person

Each Guest must be symptom screened each day to have the Entry Credential updated

  • Entry Credential must be worn and easily visible at all times 

  • Different sticker will be issued each day after successful symptom screening

  • Entry Credentials will be scanned with each entry to court area

This is a private event 

You must follow all event attendance requirements or leave the building

You must be healthy enough to attend

  • You must be free from symptoms (Link for symptoms –

  • You must present a printed copy of proof of a negative result from a COVID  within 5 days of start of tournament (May 2 for the May 7-9 tournament; May 9 for the May 14-16 tournament)

    • Waiver if completely vaccinated or had diagnosis of COVID since Feb 6 (Week 1) or Feb 13 (Week 2)

      • Must have a printed copy of proof for either

  • Each person must wear a mask properly (covering nose and mouth entirely) at all times while inside the building

    • Includes being on the court

    • Vaccination is not a waiver for wearing a mask

    • MD excuse is not a waiver for wearing a mask

  • You must wear the  visible symptom screening credential we provide each day

    • Sticker on credential to show screening done for that day

    • Paper wristband of a different color or pattern each day for players 

      • Coach responsibility to make sure players wear wristbands

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