Girls Small Group Training

Perfect your skill with a top 801 coach as well as UVU and BYU Women's Volleyball Athletes in a small group training.


Work to improve your skills one day at a time. The goal of small group training is to give athletes more one-on-one time with an elite coach so they can improve specific skills. 


Sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from June 1 - June 17. There will be two sessions per day.

Session #1: 9:00 -10:30 A.M.

Session #2: 10:30 - 12:00 P.M


Your athlete will be placed into one of the two sessions. We will let you know two weeks in advance what session your athlete will be attending. Each session will be:


- TTh

- 1.5 hours

- 4-5 athletes per court

- 15 athletes per session

- Ages 14-18

- $290 / per athlete


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BYU and UVU Athletes

We will have some of the top athletes from both UVU and BYU joining us for our camps this summer.


There will be some familiar faces from athletes who joined us last year for our summer camps.