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national teams

A national team is made up of experienced players who are driven and want to play in the highest level of competition called Open Division. Players in the Open or National level have the goal to be recruited to play in college and eventually pursue a professional career or the Olympic team. The team will travel to  Jr. National Qualifiers with goal of making it to the USA Jr. National Championship in June.

The national team is a talent & merit based team. Players are expected to have mental toughness and the maturity and discipline to practice, play and be part of a team that is focused on attaining excellence. Not every athlete can or should be on a national team. It requires more practice time, positive mindset, and more mental energy usually required of high level athletes.

Our coaches are carefully selected for the national teams.  They have high level experience both as players and coaches. Some are past Division I All-American volleyball players, past professional players or past university coaches. They are highly qualified professionals.

These teams compete against same level teams, and travel to various Jr. National Qualifying tournaments with the goal of competing the USA Jr. National Championship each year. Tournaments are often on weekends and Sunday play is required. 

Players selected for National teams will commit to paying and going to all the pre-determined JNQ tournaments. If a player cannot commit, she will not be selected for the team. 

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