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National Teams


Our national teams are our highest level teams. They are made up of experienced players who want to play volleyball at the highest level. During the season that means that national teams will compete in the Open division, or the highest division, for tournaments and will attend multiple *national qualifiers throughout the season. Each national team will also attend the Jr. National Championship in June or a tournament equivalent to the Jr. National Championship. Players who play at the national level have the goal to be recruited and to play in college.


​National teams are a talent and merit based team. That means athletes are expected to have the mental toughness and discipline to practice, play and be a part of a team that is focused on improving and attaining excellence. In order to do that, athletes must be committed to attending all practices and all tournaments. National teams are not for all athletes. It requires more practice time, a positive mindset, and the desire to perform at the highest level as an athlete.

Each national team has a head coach and assistant coach to give your athlete the most feedback and positive reps possible. Our coaches are carefully selected for the national teams.  They have high level experience both as players and coaches. Some are past Division I All-American volleyball players, past professional players or past university coaches. They are highly qualified professionals.

National teams compete against teams that are the same level, and travel to various Jr. National Qualifying tournaments with the goal of competing the Jr. National Championship each year. National qualifying tournaments are often on weekends and Sunday play is required. 

Athletes selected for National teams will commit to paying and going to all the predetermined *national qualifying tournaments. If a player cannot commit, they will not be selected for the team. 



Regional Teams


Our regional teams are for players looking for a high level team, with less travel commitment. Regional teams are not required to attend the Jr. National Championships. Regional teams do attend National Qualifiers which may require athletes to play on Sunday. Teams will be given the option to attend the Jr. National Championships if they win a bid at a National Qualifier.


Regional teams are still one of our higher level teams and will be made according to skill level. Athletes need to be willing to be at all practices and tournaments with the desire to work hard and improve. Coaches for regional teams are carefully selected. Most of our regional coaches have been with our club for multiple years. Some have experience playing at a higher level.


Athletes selected for our Regional teams will commit to play in the predetermined national qualifying tournaments.


Club Teams


Club teams are made up of athletes who may be young in the sport, or wish to travel less than a Regional or National team. They may be still learning the fundamentals of the game, or just want less of a time commitment and want to stay local. The team plays in 5-6 local tournaments through AAU volleyball. They will play against teams of the same age and skill level. Club teams do not attend any National Qualifiers and their season will end in April with their last tournaments.


Coaches for our club teams have a background in volleyball and are passionate about coaching. We are selective about the coaches we choose and find coaches that fit our positive and fun culture.


*Most national qualifiers require teams to travel outside of Utah. There are a handful of national qualifiers that are located in Utah.

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