Team Pricing

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18's National Team Cost

Base Fee: $1950

Deposit/Payment: $600 August 9th

December: $350

January: $350

February: $350

March: $350

Season: Nov 30 - Last Tournament in April

Head Coach

3 in State Tournaments with 2-3 National Qualifiers (Teams Decision) and if qualify for USA Nationals, but will be not be attending AAU Nationals unless the team decides they would like to go.

Practice: 2 x per Week

Apparel Package (See Below same as 14-17 National Team)

Additional costs (See Below) for our of state tournaments.

14s, 15s, 16s and 17’s National Team Cost 

What is a National Team?

They will be attending 2-4 National Qualifiers  (depending on team dynamic)

and will be attending USA or AAU Nationals.  There will be Sunday play for these players.   National Teams have more of an opportunity to be recruited to play at the collegiate level by attending national qualifiers and USA or AAU Nationals.


National Team Base Fee: $2650

Deposit/Payment: $600 Due August 9th 

Monthly Fee:

November 5th: $410

December 5th: $410

January 5th: $410

February 5th: $410

March 5th: $410


Experienced/Advanced Head and Assistant Coach



3 Practices Per Week- Nov 30th- May 31st with Break Weeks to keep the girls from getting burnt out and to enjoy time off with their family.

Break Weeks: Dec. 21th - January 3rd

April Spring Break(this is only excluded if the team has a tournament that week and the coach will need to adjust their week break)

and May 10th-31st (For those teams going to Nationals). If teams needs the full three weeks they will take it and then we hit it hard in June until Nationals.

Utah Tournaments: 4

Apparel Package: 

Knee Pads

Jersey 1

Jersey 2

Jersey 3- National Teams Only

Back Pack

Warm Up Top


2 T-shirts

Personal Molten Volleyball- National Teams Only


Additional Costs (Not included in Base Fee)

USA Volleyball National Qualifier Tournaments

These costs do not include your athletes travel to and from the tournament.  Parents are in charge of getting their athletes to and from the tournament.  Club 801 believes in team chemistry and during the tournament they will be with their team staying together with the coach (Besides Las Vegas National Qualifier).

$425 Denver,Reno, Spokane Qualifiers (Athletes stay with the team)

$275 Las Vegas Qualifier (All athletes will be staying with their parents during this tournament and not with the team since most travel down for it).


Any other qualifiers the team goes to the cost will need to be adjusted.  For example the Chicago Qualifier would be a different price then the Denver qualifier.


National Fees Costs:

Cost for Nationals will be done once we know which Nationals they will be attending.  The cost for Nationals will be no more then $825, but could be less depending on which nationals each team will be going too.  USA Volleyball Nationals in Dallas Texas (June 25th - July 4th) or AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida (June 16th-28th). TBA after May Final Tournament- We won't know costs until 

13-17's Comp Team Cost

Comp Team Base Fee: $1850

Practices 2x Per Week

4 in state tournaments

Practices: Nov 30-Dec 18th

January 4th-last tournament in April

Break April for Spring Break

Apparel Package

2- 2 Hour Practices Each Week

13-18's Regional Team Cost

Comp Team Base Fee: $1950

An extra  cost of $275 per travel tournament for 13s and 14s

an extra $425 Per travel Tournament for 15s-17s that are staying together as a team besides Las Vegas

Practices2x Per Week

4 in state tournaments (2 of them two days)

Practices: Nov 30-Dec 19

January 4th-last tournament in April/Beginning May

Break April Spring Break

Apparel Package

2- 2 Hour Practices Each Week

13's - 18's Regional Team 

What is a Regional Team?

A regional team travels to 1-3 National Qualifiers (depending on team dynamic) which are out of state tournaments where there will be Sunday Play.  However, their season will not be extended to Nationals unless they qualify at a  National Qualifier or the team decides to attend AAU Nationals and extend their season.  We have added additional apparel this year that is included in your club base fee.

11U and 12U Team Cost

Comp Team Base Fee: $1075

Practices: Nov 30-Dec 18

January 3rd-last tournament in Apri.

Break April Spring Break

Apparel Package

Additional Cost: $50 Per tournament when coach says they are Ready

2- 2 Hour Practices Each Week

10U Team Cost

Comp Team Base Fee: $875

Deposit $250

Monthly Fee: $125 the 5th of each month December, January, February, and March

Season: November 30-end of March (with 2 week break at Christmas)

2- 90 min Practices per Week

Apparel Package

Additional Cost: $50 Per tournament when coach says they are Ready!